Meet the team

Lloyd Glanville


An advocate for Clean Growth, Lloyd’s chemistry background has seen him engage with various projects nationally, including Maryland Department for Energy, National Physical Laboratory, and Siemens Gamesa.

During his integrated masters undergraduate, Lloyd’s BSc Thesis investigated methods to identify large polyaromatic hydrocarbons in diffuse interstellar gas clouds using computational methods. During the summer between his BSc year and final year he secured external funding to combine the University’s high-performance computer (VIPER) and experimental methods together to investigate optical and magnetic properties in rare earth oxides. This work got him noticed and he cancelled his final year and graduated with a BSc to undertake a Green Port Growth scholarship to investigate protective graphene oxide composite materials for the Offshore Wind Sector.

In parallel to his PhD Lloyd and Ellis lead the design of the laboratories at the Aura Innovation Centre for Low Carbon Innovation. At present Lloyd is currently finalising his doctoral Thesis, and due to defend it in the early part of the 2021.

Lloyd as part of the ScenePro Carbon Analytics team works on the Analytics side of the business.

Ellis Scott Marshall

A materials chemist by trade, Dr Ellis Marshall’s specialism resides within 3D printed materials capable of carbon capture and environmental remediation. Ellis’ passion for inspiring the next generation with the emerging technologies he works with sees him presenting concepts to schools. Ellis heads up the business’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programme that inspires and teaches the essential skills necessary to meet the future Net Zero Workforce. As part of the ScenePro Carbon Analytics team Ellis works on the STEM and Analytics side of the business.

Michael Peck

Michael completed 30 years police service in January 2015. Experienced in investigation, during his police career he gained valuable knowledge of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) data acquisition systems and its many data variables, developing his understanding of data interrogation and analysis. Michael led teams of strategic planners and undertook the role of Incident Manager when dealing with disaster and crisis management, including in 2001, the role of scene management and technical lead for the Selby Rail Crash. Prior to retirement and using his experience in mechanical engineering, he had spent 9 years engaged in the design and technical development of forensic data acquisition systems. In 2013 Michael founded ScenePro Ltd, where he consolidated his extensive experience in data acquisition and analysis with methodologies and empirical new data standards to successfully challenge established criminal procedures, practices and doctrines. Michael is now a founding Director in ScenePro Carbon Analytics. Using his expertise of data systems and their applications, he has applied them to support the development of systems and processes that significantly improve the mapping and response to the carbon climate crisis.

Bernard Sharpe

Bernard is a first-rate Mechanical Engineer, with vast experience in numerous disciplines. He has spent his career working across a variety of major projects in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Africa, USA and China. As a young engineer, Bernard had the privilege of working at British Aircraft Cooperation on Concorde. He is passionate about building strong relationships with his clients and believes in openness and transparency when it comes to doing business. His mantra is straight forward, keep it simple, play fairly, complete deals as friends and choose business partners by the same values. Bernard has an eagerness to help businesses and communities reduce their carbon emissions, reduce their costs and to help save the environment for future generations. Bernard as part of the ScenePro Carbon Analytics team heads up the sales side of the business.

Mark Iveson

Having a range of skills in strategic leadership and team management, Mark is engaged in all aspects of strategic and operational planning and service delivery.

Mark’s personal skill sets and experiences include communication, problem solving, stake holder management and change management. He works with strategic partners, manufacturers and customers to build relationships and meet the needs of clients.

Mark holds a BSc (Hons) in Crime and Criminology and is experienced in data collection, data interrogation and data pattern analysis, including the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology and data capture. Being experienced in investigation and intelligence, Mark applies an intelligence-led approach to identifying solutions. The added value obtained through detailed analysis of data enables Mark and ScenePro to anticipate risk and helps to facilitate informed decision making, assisting organisations in their planning processes and future development ambitions.

Retiring from the Police in 2013 as a District Commander, he was then appointed as Non-Executive Chairman to a fire and security company before in 2017 joining Mike Peck at ScenePro Ltd, a company specialising in forensic data collection and analysis. These skills have enabled Mark to become a key member of the ScenePro Carbon Analytics team and he holds the day-to-day responsibility of leading the commercial development for the company’s carbon analytics portfolio.

Ciaran Sharpe

After graduating from the University of Chester with a BA Hons in Business and Psychology, Ciaran spent time working for Cambridge University perfecting his craft in the world of Sales and Marketing. Since then, he has explored the world of renewable energy in which he found devotion to create a better world for the next generation. Ciaran has worked on a variety of clean energy projects including Solar, Heat Pumps and Batteries all with the goal of helping local communities to reduce carbon and change the way they view energy procurement and consumption. He is an exceptional Sales and Marketing Professional, having worked not only in the UK but across Europe, and North America, focusing on business development, new sales, and training internal and external stakeholders. Ciaran’s expertise in training and marketing, and his devotion to climate change allows us to propel the business into the future. He has a hunger to educate the world in how climate change will affect our lives, and has a strong desire to involve the younger population in making a change. Ciaran is deeply passionate about making a change to the way society understands renewable energy, and aspires to help businesses and communities both local and around the world become sustainable for the future.

Ciaran as part of the ScenePro Carbon Analytics team works on the Sales and STEM side of the business.