About us

Our Story

Incorporated in 2013, ScenePro Ltd designs and manufactures forensic technology solutions, calibrated to meet ISO and UKAS standards that are recognised via reciprocal agreement throughout the world, including USA (A2LA/NIST), Germany (DKD) and France (COFRAC) and it is the sole supplier of traceable calibrated Instrumentation used in serious and fatal collisions by Police UK. The company specialises in forensic data acquisition and analysis.

Using our highly accurate data underpinned by detailed forensic analysis it is possible to support:

  • benchmarking
  • improve processes and capabilities
  • organisational structures
  • project planning and evaluation
  • regulatory issues
  • technology

In 2020, ScenePro Ltd joined with BACB Renewables Ltd, to bring ScenePro’s technical expertise and forensic knowledge together with BACB Renewables’s carbon reduction and Renewable’s knowledge to form ScenePro Carbon Analytics.

ScenePro Carbon Analytics is based at Ergo “the hub for renewables and environmental technologies” one of the UK’s leading decarbonisation centres.